Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Three completed projects

Well, hello there everyone! Yup, it's been a while, hasn't it? I finally have something to post, though. I finished the Cozy Cottages BOM from Shabby Fabrics yesterday! OK I do have to add a label but otherwise it's done. I took some photos this morning that I'd love to share with you.
I almost bound it in a green print, but then I got a yard of this aqua fabric from Sharon and I thought it went better. You can sort of see it better in the next pic.

Here are a few more pics just for fun!

I also made a few wool felt candle mats from Penny Lane Primitives. In my last post, I showed you the images from the website, as well as the patterns and bundle that I received. Don't you just love her patterns?? I find handwork so relaxing. Plus working with wool is doesn't unravel, and it just takes embroidery floss so well. Know what I mean? Anyway, here's the first one...the pattern is called "Spring." I bought the kit for this one since I didn't really have lighter-color wools. Colonial Crafts was very generous with the amount of wool felt they sent...I had plenty left over. The following pictures are mine:

And the second one is called "Penny Sheep." I didn't buy the kit but I did buy a bundle of primitive-color felt bundle.

Now I'm starting another embroidery project I got from Sharon. I'll be sure to show you when it's finished! Have a wonderful day!

♥ Jen


  1. Jen ... I LOVE your quilt! Makes me wish I had mine completed. Love the aqua border and the yellow dot border. I've got to look at it again.
    Your candle mat is the cutest thing ever too! Love the bunnies and ducks :) The Penny Sheep will be just as adorable.
    Glad to see your post!

  2. Oh my that quilt turned out fantastic!

  3. All your finishes are awesome. Love those cottages!

  4. i don't know why but my Google reader didn't show me your latest post. Your quilt turned out very nice and I just love those candle mat kits.

  5. Your quilt is so beautiful. I have not even begun working on mine, I just started the process of gathering fabric. Did you quilt you quilt yourself. I am not very brave about that part after doing all of the piecing and applique. Your candle mats are great too.


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