Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Hi folks! How's everyone been? I've been crafty lately, believe it or not! It's funny, I went into Joann's a week or so ago and the manager said, "Wow, we haven't seen you in a while!" LOL Anyway it's nice to have some time to get some crafting done. I've missed it!
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I've been trying to catch up on my Country Cottages BOM. I got August through October done (minus the embellishments, of course).
If you see some blue pen marks, I'm having a heck of a time getting them to erase and STAY erased. I'm not going to buy this brand of "disappearing" pen anymore, that's for sure.

By the way, if you're interested in doing this BOM, I think they're leaving it up til March on their website. After that the patterns will be for sale. I printed all the final months/finishing instructions out already.

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I also got the cutest purse pattern and couldn't wait to make it. It's called "To Market," from This & That Patterns. This is a picture from their website.
Isn't it adorable? Plus I had gotten the purse handles from Sharon a while ago and I needed a project to go with them. Here's the one that I made:
I'm not an experienced purse-maker, but this was definitely NOT easy. I've done lots of zippers before but this one was the hardest. Plus, the last part of the instructions made no sense so I had to rely on my past-bag-making knowledge (ha!). But I got it done. Will I ever make another one? Most likely not!
 photo 7-1_zpsa1802321.jpg
As you might be able to see in the above picture, I'm trying to decide on a new paint color for our downstairs. The little strip of light color around the outlet is the old color; I want to go a bit darker this time. There are two swatches on the wall...I think I'm leaning toward the one on the left. What do you think?  They're pretty similar, I admit.

I hope you have a great day! Thanks for stopping by.

♥ Jen


  1. Glad to see you've posting again. You've been missed. Try testing a pastel pencil on a piece of scrap fabric to mark with. It should brush out easily. I think agree with you on the lighter paint sample. Happy crafting!

  2. Happy to see you popping in. Thanks for the vote of confidence on the bag. I have the same pattern but I haven't made it yet. Sounds like I am in for a treat.

  3. Hi Jen--it is sooo good to read a post from you--have missed you!! I love your houses--great job-and even though you had problems with the pattern for the purse--it looks lovely!!
    Keep stitching girl so you can keep posting!!!
    Hugs, di and miss gracie

  4. I left a comment last week but see it didn't post! I got a new laptop and I am evidently hitting the wrong keys ;( So I have been revisiting blogs and commenting again :)
    I am glad you posted! I have missed you and all your craftiness. Love the quilt blocks and the bag! As I said in my previous post I have printed them all out but have yet to begin.
    I bet you have snow!

  5. Really like what you've been up to. Fantastic. The houses and bags are really done well. I'm back for my 2nd look.


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