Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter, where are you?

Are you having strange, unseasonable weather where you are? We have such mild temps, and very little snow. Weird for central New York! Oh well, I'll take it. It is unusual to see grass in January, that's for sure!
I've been doing a teeny bit of decorating for Valentine's Day. This is a little vignette over my sink.
I've had the Welcome plate for awhile, but Dave got me the bird jewelry holder and the milk jug measuring cup set for Christmas. So I've got a little white-theme going here...grounded with a red heart placemat.
I went to Christmas Tree Shops this morning...seems like I haven't been there in a long time! I got the cutest little birdhouse cloche. Only $2.99! I filled it with some mini candles from Bath and Body Works.
That's a Valentine table topper I had a made a couple of years ago.
Last year I had gotten a few heart placemats at CTS, just in a different pattern. I couldn't resist getting two of the coordinating pattern. And you can't beat two for $3.00!
Guess what? I started a sewing project! Thank you, thank you. It felt so good to get back in there, pick out a pattern and fabrics, etc. I'm working on the bird pillow I showed you...
I've got some of the applique done, and all the supplies are ready.
I love embroidery, it's so relaxing!
I have some fun news! My twin sister Karen started a new blog. It's called "My Soul Counts." I love her ideas...it's all about a place to go to recharge, get inspired, and relax. Take a look if you can, it's wonderful!
Don't forget, my giveaway for the Gooseberry Patch cookbook ends next Monday. Enter HERE!

Enjoy your day!

♥ Jen


  1. Yep, it's strange to see grass this time of year but honestly, I'm lovin' it! Enjoying the sunshine while we've got it. Hopping on over to check out your sister's blog.

  2. Now, don't be JINXING the weather! I'm really enjoying the NO SNOW and warmer temps. I know Mother Nature will get her revenge soon enough though. We can't be that lucky to skate though the winter with no snow. Nice Valentine's Day decorating. And your pillow is super sweet!

  3. Love your new treasures!!! It is a bit early for me to decorate for Valentines day--I decorate with snowmen for January--then the 1st of Feb I do the heart thingy!!!!
    Love that pillow--I love anything with a bird on it!!!!Glad you are back in the sewing room--
    hugs,Di and miss gracie

  4. Jen,
    It has been warmer than usual here too! I love your little pillow you are working on ... adorable!
    Last year a Christmas Tree Shop opened up close to here and you can find some great bargains ... love your cloche!
    I haven't done any Valentine decorating yet.
    I am going now to visit your sister's blog. Twins??

  5. Ahhh how I miss the Christmas Tree Store. ::sob:: Some of the best times I had last year while living in RI were shopping there with my buddies.
    I have my heart placemats I purchased there last year after I saw your post. I can't wait to put them out!! Love your new sewing project too....I need to finish my FIRST quilt (oh it's going to be the death of me) so I can start something new.

  6. Jen, so glad you are back to sewing...it's like me not playing my instrument :) Also love your little set up in the kitchen!

    Just got to Karen's blog--I love it. I think both of your blogs really represent who you guys both are! And the reason why I love you both so very much!!!!!

    Ah, Christmas Tree Shops....next visit??

  7. Hey Jen, I have that exact birdhouse but I got it at a local shop and it WAS NOT what you paid. You got a deal!!! I did not. lolol
    Love it.

  8. The bird house and topper are soooo cute.

  9. Jen would you mind terribly if I used your photo of the heart place-mat? I've been sort of obsessed with it since I saw it and pinned it. I am making one for me. If not, that is ok. Thanks.


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