Saturday, November 5, 2011

Getting there!

Hey everyone! How are you doing? I've had a cold all week, which has not been too bad except for an annoying cough. I haven't been sleeping so great because of it. Oh well, coffee is my friend! My mother-in-law is here for the weekend, and she is going to babysit the kids tonight so that Dave and I can go out to dinner. I'm looking forward to that! I got them sushi from Wegman's for dinner which is a huge treat for the kids.
I got Rose's quilt all quilted, now I'm working on the binding. Love a rolled-up strip of binding!
I sewed most of it down ~ next I'll need to hand-stitch it down to the back. Then the label, a wash and it's done! Can't wait to show you!
My dad gave me a gift certificate to Amazon for my birthday, so I ordered this cutting mat. It got really good reviews. The biggest one I had was 18" x 24", and this one is 24" x 36".
I started using it for the binding and for trimming the edges of the's wonderful! Nice and thick, and the extra space really helps a lot. Speaking of quilting, I ordered a bundle of PKM fabrics from Sharon at Daisy Cottage yesterday...don't you just adore these fabrics?? I have no idea what I'm going to make with them but I NEED them. They are right up my alley!
Take care to you soon!

♥ Jen


  1. Hi Jen, good to hear from you! Glad your cold is on its way out. I hate colds! Enjoy your dinner out.

    Glad your new mat is working well!

    Did you have much damage from that snowstorm?

    Carol (NJ)

  2. Feel better! I need to get some sewing done. Seriously!


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