Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tyler's quilt

Good morning! It's chilly, drizzly and gloomy here...but that's okay with me! I don't mind these kind of days at all. Gives me a good excuse to stay in, sew, cook, and light candles. Right now I'm working on my niece Rose's quilt for Christmas. I'm in the home's pinned and ready to quilt. I'll start that later today. Yesterday I made a pillow to go with it...I seriously think it's the cutest thing I ever made. I'll have to wait to show it to you though, until the quilt is done too. But for now I can show the quilt I made for my newest nephew, Tyler! He was born on October 6th. His parents didn't want to know if he was a boy or girl before he was born, so I made a gender-neutral quilt.
It's from a kit put together by the wonderful Sharon at Daisy Cottage. I love love love the vintage-y duck print. I used a variegated blue/red/yellow thread for the quilting.
The back is one of my staples...a polka dot from Holly at Lakehouse Drygoods.
Here are just a few more looks at it.
I used a 30's-inspired fabric for the binding, I think it goes nicely. And of course there's my embroidered label. I never have success writing labels so this is the easiest way for me.
I wanted to tell you a funny story about cupcakes. A week or so ago, I needed to make cupcakes to bring into Mason's class for a late-birthday celebration (he called in sick for the original one). So I baked a batch from a yellow box cake mix. And I BURNED them! Seriously? How does that happen? I didn't let them bake longer than the box said. I think I crammed too many pans on the top shelf and that threw my oven off.
Bad cupcake!
I only had the one box, and I was not about to go to the store to buy another one. So I did a quick internet search for yellow cupcakes, and I found this one from Wilton.
Good cupcake.
These were really good. I watched them super-closely! I'll be hard-pressed to bake from a box next time. I had everything in my pantry, including cake flour which surprised me. Don't they look so much nicer than the ones in the background? Anyway a quick batch of cupcakes turned into an all-afternoon affair. LOL
Speaking of being sick, I'm taking Mason to an ENT for a consultation tomorrow. He's had strep several times over the last year, he snores, and his tonsils are huge. We're thinking it might be time to get those suckers out. I'll keep you posted!
Well thanks for reading, and I'll check back sooner next time!
♥ Jen


  1. Jen, I adore the quilt! It is just the cutest thing ever! You did a great job with the FMQ too.
    I love days when it's rainy too. We have had so many beautiful days lately but rain is expected here tomorrow and Friday.
    Those cupcakes look yummy! I took a Wilton class twice but can't remember if I made the cupcake recipe ... will have to give it a try.

  2. Jen, that's such a cute quilt! Good job!

    Sorry about the cupcakes. Glad you were able to make 'em from scratch in time. lol

    Carol (NJ)

  3. 10/6 is a good birthday! Wink! Wink! Same as mine. Lovely quilt for the baby too.


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