Thursday, February 3, 2011

Quilting and Giveaway Heads-Up!

Who would have thought that free-motion quilting could relax me?! Seriously! Before I started that, though, I stitched-in-the-ditch three times around each square and two borders. It was a lot of work, turning the quilt for each right angle. No marking, that was good...but ugh! Then I decided to stipple the outer was great! I found myself daydreaming even! LOL Plus it took practically no time at all, and I'm really happy with the result. So good news, the quilting is done!

On to the binding. I'm going scrappy, which I've never done before. I have a Whimsy jelly roll that I've been nibbling on here and I took a bunch of prints from that, stitched them together and now I have a little binding roll.

I rather like putting on the binding. It's simple to stitch down on the machine, then I get to sit down with it on my lap to hand-stitch it to the back. What could be better on a chilly winter's day, I ask you?

I have good news on the giveaway front...I'll be reviewing another cookbook this month! This one is called "Best-Ever Cookies." It will be available in March but we can test it out before then!
Click here to pre-order!

Oh how fun will it be to sample some of these recipes! Hey, someone's gotta do it! LOL So just a heads-up, this will be coming soon!

♥ Jen


  1. Jen,
    Your stippling is great! I actually practiced mine the other night and it was relaxing.
    I love a scrappy binding and the thought of using up my scraps from the quilt.
    Can't wait for the next cookbook and your taste testing!

  2. You will now be getting my quilts to stipple. Nice job! I have plans to do a scrappy binding using my Bliss JR on my Bliss quilt... whenever I get it done!

  3. What will you do without your Number 1 Taste-tester? :) Have fun baking cookies! I'm glad stippling relaxes you (it looks great!)....


  4. Love that scrappy border in all those Springy can't be too far away, can it? ;)


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